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The Neil Haley Show - Hosted by Neil "The Media Giant" Haley - Image of Neil Haley at right, smiling and wearing a suit and tie. Image background is palm trees growing up towards the sky.

Neil Haley Show: A Global Voice for Inspiration and Entertainment

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Tune In to Neil Haley Show on Terrestrial Stations Prestonsburg, KY - 1310 AM Tampa Bay Area: 92.1 FM Las Vegas, NV: 1520 AM / 99.5 FM Macon, GA: 87.9 FM Lancaster, PA: AM 1640 / FM 102.1 Boulder, CO: 96.3 FM Milwaukee, WI: 90.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA: 94.7 FM Long Beach, CA: 87.5 FM The Villages, FL: 97.7 FM Colorado Springs, CO: 95.4 FM Jacksonville, FL: 90.3 FM Washington D.C.: 96.7 FM Rock Hill, SC: 89.5 FM

Neil Haley Show is a captivating talk show hosted by the charismatic and engaging Neil Haley. The show airs on over 150 stations worldwide, reaching an impressive weekly audience of over 5 million listeners. Haley's infectious energy, insightful interviews, and ability to connect with his audience have earned him a loyal following across the globe.


Haley's diverse roster of guests spans a wide range of backgrounds and interests, from renowned authors and celebrities to experts in various fields. Through his engaging conversations, Haley delves into the lives and experiences of his guests, uncovering their unique stories and perspectives. His interviews are not only informative but also entertaining, leaving listeners feeling inspired and motivated.

Celebrity Interviews

Neil Haley Show interviews with notable actors & reality TV stars.

Neil Haley Show interviews with politicians.

Neil Haley Show interviews with musicians.

Neil Haley show interviews with comedy legends.

Neil Haley Show interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

Neil Haley Show interviews with pro wrestlers and wrestling officials.

Neil Haley Show interviews with athletes.

Neil Haley Show interviews with bestselling authors.

Neil Haley Show interviews with award-winning directors.

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