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About Neil

Neil Haley is smiling. He is wearing a suit with a red tie standing in front of a black and white striped background.

Neil "The media Giant" Haley


Neil "The Media Giant" Haley is a nationally syndicated radio and TV host, author, entrepreneur, #4 Celebrity Podcaster on Feedspot, and seasoned Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with a passion for helping businesses achieve exponential growth. He is the visionary founder and CEO of Media Giant Productions, a diversified media and marketing conglomerate encompassing Media Giant Marketing, Hollow Man Publishing, The Neil Haley Show, Celebrity Interviews, and American Made VA.

Haley's extensive experience in the media landscape has garnered him a reputation as a media mogul and a master storyteller. With his keen understanding of audience engagement and brand building, he has orchestrated numerous successful media campaigns, propelling businesses to new heights of visibility and success.

In addition to his media prowess, Haley is a sought-after business consultant and strategist, recognized for his ability to identify and capitalize on emerging market trends. His proven track record of success in business development, marketing strategy, and team management has made him an invaluable asset to companies seeking to expand their reach and achieve sustainable growth.

Driven by a genuine desire to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders, Haley is actively seeking opportunities to serve as a CMO for companies seeking to scale their operations in 2024. His unique blend of media expertise, marketing acumen, and business leadership makes him an ideal candidate for organizations seeking to elevate their brand and achieve remarkable growth.

Key accomplishments

Media Mogul: Founded and leads Media Giant Productions, a diversified media and marketing conglomerate.

Media Mastermind: Hosts the nationally syndicated The Neil Haley Show, reaching over 3 million listeners weekly.

Seasoned CMO: Serves as a strategic advisor and consultant to businesses seeking exponential growth.

Growth Catalyst: Possesses a proven track record of helping businesses achieve sustainable growth.

Visionary Leader: Seeks CMO opportunities to empower businesses in 2024.

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