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Tired of witnessing your child struggle with reading, math anxiety, or falling behind? Total Tutor isn't just tutoring, it's expert coaching. We help children of all ages master any subject, build independent learning skills, and gain the confidence to soar in every grade and class.

Unlike traditional tutors, we're coaches who focus on the how, not just the what. We tailor our programs to each child's needs, be it conquering writing prompts, tackling SATs, or solidifying core concepts. We don't just teach, we empower them to learn independently, building confidence and essential life skills alongside academic achievement.

Don't let learning challenges hold your child back. Invest in their future with Total Tutor.

Contact us today and unlock their full potential!

Our Services


Writing Services

Worried about your child's writing? Give them a leg up with Total Tutor! Beyond just prompts, we offer personalized coaching tailored to their needs. Whether struggling with sentences, paragraphs, or essay structure, our expert coaches will guide them to craft captivating narratives and research like pros. From thesis statements to conclusions, Total Tutor empowers your child to write with confidence. 


Reading Tutoring

Struggling reader? Total Tutor can help! Our Reading Tutoring program caters to students of all ages, from kindergarteners to college students, because we know reading is a vital life skill. Through an informal assessment, we tailor a plan to boost your child's fluency and comprehension. Weekly suggestions and activities support home learning, while collaboration with teachers ensures consistent practice at school.


Math Tutoring

Worried about your child's math skills? Total Tutor is here to help! Math, especially in middle school, can be a major hurdle. But don't despair! We offer personalized Math Tutoring to assess your child's exact needs, pinpoint problem areas, and create a targeted learning plan. Working alongside you, we'll reinforce concepts, assign tailored practice, and ensure smooth progress both at home and in class. 


SAT/ACT Test Prep Tutoring

Forget struggling with standardized tests! Total Tutor offers personalized SAT/ACT prep to help your child achieve success. Our expert coaches, led by Neil Haley, will work one-on-one with your child, developing strategies for Verbal and Math sections. From creating a test-day plan to tackling tricky questions, your child will learn everything they need to score higher. They'll master techniques for managing time, using context clues, solving problems efficiently, and identifying answer traps. Through practice questions, weekly study sessions, and timed online tests, Total Tutor ensures your child is fully prepared to walk into test day with confidence.

Ready to unlock your child's potential?
Contact Total Tutor today!

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